Are you using your scented candles and reed diffusers correctly?

you have a lit, the longer the fragrance will last. Burning a scented candle in your bathroom, or toilet if separate, will create a great impact with your guests especially if you are holding a party.

Is there anywhere specific I should have a scented candle?Are you using your scented candles and reed diffusers correctly?

Its not all about trimming the wick or observing the safety aspect of them which are important but they are not all that should be considered. Many people often place their candles on shelves, on the mantlepiece if they have a fireplace or even on the windowsill which we all feel is a good place for them. Yes, we do this as well. However, are we really getting the best out of them?

The answer to this is probably no we aren’t. While we love to place our scented candle in a prominent position and in a centre stage like placement, this is often not the greatest idea. Jo Malone is a well known candle maker and she suggests to try moving them into the grate below if you have a fireplace.

So why move them?

This is because fragrances rise into the air just like heat. Have you noticed how aromas fill your rooms even when you are upstairs? For example, you are cooking a delicious Sunday roast in your kitchen. You can often smell the aroma upstairs in your bedroom right? This is a perfect example of aromas rising into the air. This is a perfect example of aromas rising into the air and it is true of whether it is a room spray, your favourite perfume, a Reed Diffuser or a scented candle.

Hallways and landings are great for scented candles especially if they are a multi-wick one. The fragrance will diffuse throughout the hallway and the landing and even into the bedrooms. The smaller the space that 

To be perfectly honest the answer to that is no not really. Whereas you can put a scented candle pretty much anywhere in your home, they do all have a place in terms of fragrance. What we mean by that is that although it depends a lot on your personal preference, some people prefer a light and gentle fragrance in their bedroom or in the bathroom upstairs and a more punchier type of fragrance downstairs. Roses, Honeysuckle or Jasmine are examples of a floral fragrance that are better suited downstairs whereas something more subtle like Freesia, Vanilla or Grapefruit and Mangosteen are examples of a lighter fragrance which is wonderful for your bedroom or bathroom.

So what about fragrances like sandalwood or patchouli?

Sandalwood and Patchouli are quite warm and somewhat spicy fragrances but individually they are somewhat stronger than many floral type fragrances. Adding them to a floral fragrance will often enhance the floral note than just the floral fragrance on its own. They can also add more depth and interest to a floral fragrance. If you have a floral fragrance such as Jasmine or Rose which on their own can be quite sensual but by adding a hint of something like patchouli or amber, it becomes somewhat sexy and mysterious.

Are scented candles good on their own?

Yes, they can be very good on their own but their aroma may only last as long as the candle is lit and not quite give you that lasting “signature” aroma you have envisioned for your home. You could put a few of the same fragrance around your room but there is an easier way. Add one or two Reed Diffusers in the same fragrance as your scented candles. Or you can mix and match them with your scented candles. For example, you have a lovely rose scented candle and you then get a Reed Diffuser that has an amber fragrance. You will have the rose fragrance from your candle as it burns but you will also have the amber fragrance from the Reed Diffuser combining with it in the air. The result is a more sexy and mysterious aroma creating your own “signature” aroma. You can do it with 2 different candles. One in the rose fragrance and the other in the amber fragrance. It doesn’t have to be just 1 candle and you can experiment to your hearts content but always try to have fragrances that support each other.

A combination of scented candles and Reed Diffusers in the same fragrance can help to ensure that your home smells wonderful all day, every day. A common mistake that many people do, including us, is that they put their Reed Diffusers in a corner of the room or on top of a cabinet against a wall. Reed diffusers are best left in the middle of a room to improve their overall fragrance throw. A Reed Diffuser will rapidly evaporate if you leave it standing in sunlight too long or too near a radiator in winter. So, like scented candles, keep them out of direct sunlight and away from radiators or gas fires.

*Information was sourced from various places on the internet

Author: Jim Laver who is the founder, owner and main craftsman at Sweet Aroma’s in the UK