Try before you buy samples information

Try before you buy samples information

You are interested in a different fragrance that you have never tried before and you want to try it before spending your money having a candle made with it in case you do not like it?

Worried about this? Well, worry no more because we can make you some samples in a tea light so you can try before you buy. These can be made individually if you only wish to try one fragrance or we can make you a set of 6 different fragrances if you have 6 different fragrances you would like to try.

With over 300 different fragrances to choose from it would be very difficult to list them all but if you need some inspiration then have a look at our Top 5 popular fragrances for each season

You can order up to 6 different fragrances to try before you buy for only 50p per sample fragrance*. All samples are free of charge for Sweet Aroma’s Candle Club members*. 


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*Postage fees will apply.