Our Published Articles About Candles And Candle Making

Our Published Articles About Different Aspects Of Candles And Candle Making


On this page you will find the links to all of our published articles about different aspects of candles and candle making.

Are you using your scented candles and reed diffusers correctly? You may be surprised to learn that you could be using them wrongly like many others including ourselves before we wrote this article. Are You Making The Same Mistakes That Many People Do With Their Scented Candles And Reed Diffusers?

Do you know the difference between Paraffin Wax and Soy Wax? In this short article we give you a brief overview of the difference: A Brief Overview Of The Difference Between Soy Wax And Paraffin Wax

So you are interested in candle making but you are unsure which candle wax to use? In this article we walk you through the popular candle waxes including their pros and cons so you can have a better idea on which candle wax suits you. Find A Candle Wax That Suits Your Style Or Ability

Have you encountered a ring of wax being left behind as you burn your candles? Frustrating isn’t it? In my article called “Why do candles leave a ring of wax behind?” you will discover what the actual term for the wax ring is called, why it happens and two ways of minimizing or even eliminating the issue of this happening: Why do candles leave a ring of wax behind?

Are you into Aromatherapy? Do you know its origin or its meaning? How about how to spot a “true” aromatherapy candle by its ingredient list? In my article I tell you a little about the origin of aromatherapy, its meaning but more importantly how to tell if an aromatherapy candle is exactly what it claims to be: Aromatherapy and Aromatherapy Candles