Our Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are your candles and melts made from?

A: We mainly use Soy Wax for our candles and melts. We do use Rapeseed Wax from time to time to make them as well as Beeswax. We will tell you in our descriptions which wax we have used

Q: If I order some candles or melts can I change the colour and/or fragrance oil used?

A: Yes of course you can. Just contact us via the Enquire about a custom order

Q: Can I try a fragrance that i have never smelt before? I mean before i order my candle with it.

A: Sure you can. Click Here for Information About Our Samples

Q: How long is it between me placing my custom order order with you and it arriving to me?

A: A custom order will take between 5 and 7 days to be created and dispatched unless we specify otherwise in our product description. Unfortunately we have no control over the delivery services so we estimate 5-7 days for your order to arrive in the UK and approximately 14-21 days for your order to arrive in the EU and USA Customs area.

Q: How can i place a custom made order?

A: We do require at least a 50% deposit of the total order price for any custom made order placed. The balance must be paid in full after all details of the order have been confirmed and before the item(s) are made and dispatched.Your item(s) will be made to the specifications that have been confirmed. It is your responsibility to ensure that all details are correct before confirmation. Once all details have been confirmed and the item(s) made, no refund will be issued due to the nature of the order being custom made unless the item(s) arrive damaged. Click Here to place your custom order.

Q: Do You make Natural Candles?

A: Yes we do. We use natural waxes such as Soy, Rapeseed and Beeswax. Should you wish to have a candle made with essential oils then just contact us via the Enquire about a custom order

Q: What size candles do you make?

A: Our Container Candles are available in the sizes described on the product. The Pillar Candles can vary in size so some are at a set size. Others can vary so if in doubt please Contact Us

Q: Can I order a Hand Rolled Beeswax Candle in a different size?

A: Yes you can order the Hand Rolled Beeswax Candle in a different width and/or size. However, unfortunately we cannot make them bigger than 8cm in height

Q: Do you make candles with Palm Oil wax?

A: At present we do not but should you like to have Palm Oil Wax candles made then please visit Sweet Aroma’s Australia

Q: I have heard about candles being made from Coconut Wax. Do you make these by any chance?

A: I’m afraid the answer is no at this present time. We have tried using Coconut Wax previously to make candles but we found that it was to greasy to work with and we had very poor results with it during our testing procedure

Q: Help! I have spilled some hot Soy Wax. How do i clean it up?

A: Firstly, do not panic. Spilt Soy Wax is easily cleaned up with some hot, soapy water.

Q: Where can i find your Returns and Refunds Information?

A: You can find our Returns and Refunds Policy here